Industrial Polymers Corporation


Industrial Polymers Corporation

Industrial Polymers Corporation.

The company based in the US has been producing since a variety of 1995 plastic-coated products. The IP-series is a cold-spray-urethane coating which is similar to a polyurea hot spray coating. It provides a seamless, waterproof, durable, elastic layer that is being applied after enough any surface. Available in 18 UV stable colors. There are three types: The IP 1000, IP CRX and IP EPIC. Each with very specific properties. The EPIC version, is at this moment still one of the strongest coating products on the market. It has an unprecedented tensile strength of about 7000PSI and offer just if the CRX version a very high chemical resistance.

Also produces , the company still some cold spray products not yet know the Dutch / European market. The Styro-spray is a cold-spray polyurea hard-coat, which responds / drying on the air humidity in the atmosphere. It is a patented product which is injection allows extremely easy installation with a roller or a pressure. So it forms a hard, waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant layer, eg EPS and (beep) foam. A fast drying time ensures that size layer thicknesses can be achieved. A coldspray- coated with a hot-spray finish.

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Poly4U makes t is now possible for all coating companies in Western Europe to work with the products from Industrial Polymers Corporation.  with the very low start-up costs, a factory finish off a hot spray coating and a a wide range of various UV stable colors we think a very exclusive product to have in your hands. Go to the tab Our brands and see the specifications of different products. Interested? For more information, please feel free to contact us.